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Short and non referred papers 

4) Spectroscopic analysis of binary and multiple stars with HgMn components
    G. Catanzaro
    2003, poster paper presented at the meeting helded in Dubrovnik (Croatia) 20-24 October 2003

3) A spectroscopic study of the suspected CP star HD207538. FUSE and SARG-TNG combined spectra
    G. Catanzaro, M. André, F. Leone, P. Sonnentrucker
    2001, in 198th AAS meeting, Pasadena, CA, USA, june 2001


2) Measurements of the night sky brightness at the Catania Astrophysical Observatory
    G. Catanzaro, F. A. Catalano
    2000, in Measuring and Modeling Light Pollution, ed. P. Cinzano,

    Mem. Soc. Astron. It., Vol. 71 , N.1, p. 211


1) HeI l5876Ĺ line variability in some He weak stars: preliminary results.
    F. A. Catalano, G. Catanzaro, F. Leone
    1995, poster paper presented at Jenam 95