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Hot stars in galaxies


The hot, massive stars in nearby galaxies can be used to study the current star formation activity. The most massive stars also contribute significantly to the energy balance and metal enrichment of their host galaxies.

In the past years we started a project aimed to characterize the massive star content of two galaxies of the Local Group: M33 and NGC6822.

The principal results have been presented in two papers:

Spectroscopy of massive stars in NGC6822 and M33

Bianchi, Catanzaro, Scuderi, Hutchings

2001, PASP, 113, 697


Spectroscopy of early-type star candidates in M33 and NGC6822. II

Catanzaro, Bianchi, Scuderi, Manchado

2003, A&A, 403, 111


Normalized spectra of three stars in M33.

The comparison with the calculated models is shown