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CP stars


Most of my scientific activity concerns the study of the Chemically Peculiar (CP) stars of the main sequence.
The main characteristics of these stars, whose spectral type is between B and A, are:
- spectral lines with strength not consistent with the stellar effective
- large scale organized magnetic fields inferred via the Zeeman effect.
  Typically the field strength is of the order of 103-104 Gauss;
- spectral, photometric and magnetic variability with a single period;
These features could be explained by using the oblique rotator model proposed by Babcock and Stibbs. The model consists of:
- mainly dipolar magnetic field, whose axis is tilted with respect to the
   rotational one
- non solar chemical abundances,
- non homogeneous distribution of chemical elements on the stellar surface.
In such a scenario the period of the observed variability is the stellar rotational period.

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